We are striving to create a family of humble, happy individuals who are hungry to build the best version of themselves. We create life long habits that will keep us active and fulfilled well into our later years.


Our Classes

The box runs daily classes, where all levels are welcome. If you are just starting your CrossFit journey, then our Foundations Class will be the first step. It is designed to allow you to seamlessly transition into our regular classes.

Meet the Trainers

Our trainers are different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of them are kind, committed, and eager to learn and grow.

12x Month


Attend any 12 sessions per month

(PLUS taxes and fees)

Unlimited Classes


Unlimited Classes in a Month

(PLUS taxes and fees)

Unlimited Local Love


Student, Teacher, Military, & First Responders

(PLUS taxes and fees)

What to eat?

“Eat meat, vegetables, and nuts. Some fruits. Little starch. No sugar.” – Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

“Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind,” Glassman told CNBC. “One needs functional competence to stay out of the nursing home. The other one wants functional dominance to win medals.” – Greg Glassman